We specialize in turf, native grass/forbs, wildlife products and mixtures in our extensive house product line. We also mix/blend to the specifications of MnDOT, BWSR, DNR, NRCS and other agencies as well as custom blending & mixing materials for specific site requirements or per customer guidelines.

Hydro-Seeding Supplies

We are a proud Profile Products PECS distributor – our ‘Profile Erosion Control Solutions’ partnership allows us access to products and expertise only available from a few select dealers throughout the country. Products like Flexterra HP, Seed Aide Aero and the Green Armor system. Also, don’t ignore how the RTP Additive System can save you money ‘guaranteed’!

Hydro-Seeding Supplies

Rolled Erosion Control

Ramy Turf Products is the only distributor in Minnesota with a full line of rolled erosion and bioroll products that are actually manufactured right here in MN! From straw to 100% coconut with natural netting to synthetic TRM’s – even compost filter logs called Tube Socks, Ero-Guard and Ramy Turf Products will help keep your project in compliance and your business local.



We stock fabric for erosion control, weed suppression, filtration, separation and stabilization & reinforcement. From light weight non-woven filter fabric used for drainage areas and around inlet/outlet structures, rock walls, etc to heavy duty, dimensionally stable woven fabrics for road sub-surfaces, park lots, etc. We also make efforts to buy all of our products from American manufacturers to insure quality, availability and consistency.

Perimeter Control

Seen here are Tube Socks Compost Logs, they are the fastest growing segment of our perimeter control / slope interruptiong product category. The easy install and durability make them a great alternative to straw logs and silt fence in many instances. However, click on the links to the right - we have all of those traditional products on hand as well!

Accessories & Equipment

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