NGC 4.0oz Non-Woven (MNDOT Type I, II, III)

Our Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics are manufactured from the highest quality polypropylene fibers and are us for, infiltration areas, for separation of different materials or soil types, for soil or media stabilization and even erosion control.


Our Non-Woven Fabrics are numbered by oz. weight (ex. NGC-400NWS is a 4 oz. per square yard material), for technical information click on the pdf link below.

Nonwoven Geotextiles are manufactured using the highest quality polypropylene staple fibers needlepunched to form a dimensionally stable network. Our WINfab nonwoven products are highly durable and provide excellent water flow rates and soil retention. WINfab nonwoven geotextiles are used in a variety of applications including subsurface drainage, stabilization, separation, cushioning and erosion control.


WINFAB 400N Produc Data Sheet (PDF)