Generate XR (15-44-9)

Generate-XR, is a highly effective, slow-release, water soluble fertilizer designed specifically for hydro-seeding applications. Generate –XR has an N-P-K formulation and other proprietary components designed to push the early establishment process of newly seeded areas (4 to 6 weeks). Generate-XR is also ideal for secondary, follow-up fertilizer applications (after 4 to 6 weeks) of seeded or sodded areas.


Why Generate XR?
  • Improves Germination and Establishment
  • Pushes Top & Bottom Growth For Healthier Plants
  • Reduces Callbacks
  • Low Cost Per Acre—Increases Profits
  • 25lb Bucket Covers 3 Acres

It is important to communicate with your customer the importance of an ongoing fertilizer program when your job is complete.


RT Additives Sell Sheet (PDF)