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Lawn & Turf


The design and composition of our house lawn and turf products was not a random process. Each mixture has a purpose and we constantly review updates in turf trials, research data and market conditions, pushing to strike the perfect balance in functional performance, visual characteristics and value. Please click each mixture for more information on that product. Note: The composition of each mixture may change based on product availablity and market conditions but always with like or improved products.

Many of our mixtures and individual varieties have been tested and recommended
by the staff and scientists at the U of M.
To support their continued research for all species please visit their secure site
by clicking here:  Give to the gopher!


Available Lawn & Turf Seed Products

GLENCREST Full Sun & Light Shade Mixture

Dark Green, Sod Quality, Envy Inducing Lawn.

SHADY WAY Full to Partial Shade

A Dense Shade, Dark Green, Sod Quality Lawn.

PRO-SEEDER Commercial Sun & Shade

All Performance For Industry Pros!

GROUNDS CREW All Purpose Landscape

All Purpose Landscapers Go To Mix

QUICK START Rapid Germination

A Value Priced Lawn And Overseed Mixture.

LOW LIGHT Light / Partial Shade

An Economy Shade Mixture

STREET SIDE Boulevard Salt Tolerant

Withstands  Soils Other Mixtures Can't.


For Light, Well Drained Or Drought Proned Areas.

BIG 9 Athletic Field

High Performance Turf For All Sports Fields

TUFF TURF Athletic Field & Heavy Traffic

A Lateral Spreading Turf Type Tall Fescue Mix.

TRI-PLAY Premium Ryegrass Blend

Perfect For Overseeding, Tee Boxes, etc.


4 Blues And A Fair Price


4 Blues, Premium Quality, Scott's who?


Quick, Affordable And Very Effective!


Does "Old 500" mean anything to you?

CUT LESS Low Growing Turf
CUT LESS Low Growing Turf

A True Low Grow Fescue / Scottish Links Mix


Legume Type for Cattle Pastures.


Non-Legume Type For Horse Pastures