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Ramy wildflower mixtures are formulated specifically for the midwest climate. Most species in our mixtures adapt readily to different soil types, provided the climate is suitable. Annuals have been included to establish cover quickly and to give color the first year; some may produce new plants the following year (the biennials may also reseed). Perennial plants live for more than two years, and most flower from the second year onward.


Our mixtures are blended to give the widest possible range of colors and periods of bloom. Very few wildflowers bloom continually throughout the season; therefore, we have included spring, summer and fall-blooming species in each mixture. Colors include blue, purple, red, white, yellow and pink. Mix heights vary from 10 inches to 8 feet.

Available Wildflower Seed Products

Bird and Butterfly Mix
Bird & Butterfly Mix

This choice mixture provides seeds and nectar to

Colorburst Annuals

17.87% Baby Blue-Eyes

Dry - Forbs (Native Wildflowers)

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Mesic - Forbs (Native Wildflowers)

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Midwest Shady Wildflower Mix

17.52% Forget-Me-Not, Chinese

Midwest Sunny Wildflower Mix

Planting rate = 5-10 lbs./acre, 4 oz./1000 sq. ft.
Composition is subject to change

Wet - Forbs (Native Wildflowers)

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